35% More Efficient Refrigeration with PETD

PolarStar | Tue Jan 31, 2012
A replacement PETD evaporator in a single standard 72cuft convenience/grocery display case refrigerator uses 25% less energy ($525.00/year @12 cents/kWhr). Since the cost of a new smaller PETD evaporator is less than the recycled value of the old one, minimal labor is the only cost of replacement.

Preliminary analysis by a large grocer indicates that the constant temperature provided by PETD technology yields an even greater economic benefit than the value of the energy savings.

Current refrigeration technology has not changed materially since 1930. The constant heating and cooling in conventional de-frosting is not only energy inefficient, but also causes unnecessary appliance wear and tear. Furthermore, the temperature fluctuation caused by this cooling heating cycle also reduces food shelf life. For the average full grocery store, the value of increased food shelf life is greater then the energy savings.